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Tsukui has been using OLFA's large cutter (EXL-500) for 20 years.

Generally, art knives or craft knives are used as a tool for making eraser stamps, and people are usually surprised when I tell them that I mainly carve with box cutters.
For Tsukui-style carving (such as propping elbows on the desk, gripping the cutter like a pen, holding the eraser in the other hand, and moving both hands to carve), a cutter with a thick, light handle and a large blade like this one is the best choice.

Once you get used to it, it's very stable and your fingers won't get tired even after long hours of carving.
It may seem unsuitable for detailed carving, but it's mainly the eraser that moves it, and the tip of the blade is sharp, so fine hollowing out is no problem if you can master it.

(However, for children who still have small hands, we recommend a slender cutter or carving knife.)

It can also be used like a knife when cutting out designs from a large eraser.

If you've only used craft knives, you should try this one too.

A thin pen-type cutter might be good for carving with an eraser on the table, but
I don't recommend carving with an eraser on the table, as it can cause extreme strain on your shoulders and eyes, as well as poor posture.

Carving with both hands can be scary at first, but the soft material makes it less likely to injure you if you don't hold it the wrong way.

Once you get used to it, it's very efficient and the result will be beautiful.

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